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Assessing compatibility with Integrated Analytics System

Assessing the compatibility of your previous system with Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) involves identifying and evaluating differences between the databases, applications, workloads, and tools.

For some systems, the Database Harmony Profiler (part of the IBM® Database Conversion Workbench) is available to help with this assessment, and it can also recommend optimal migration paths and tools based on the source type and condition of your existing system.

IBM Database Harmony Profiler (Oracle or IBM PureData® System for Analytics databases)

The Database Harmony Profiler provides functions to help you evaluate your existing system and suggest the appropriate migration path. The Database Harmony Profiler is a lite version of the Database Conversion Workbench (DCW), and can be downloaded from the same site.

The Database Harmony Profiler assesses the compatibility of your system with the Db2® Warehouse instance on IIAS, and returns an HTML Compatibility Report that identifies incompatible syntax and some suggested workarounds to fix the incompatible code.
Tip: By submitting your evaluation reports to, you can help IBM to prioritize and plan for the closure of compatibility gaps.